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2018 in Review

Although I've done annual reviews for a number of years, most have not been public. And the few I did publish, weren't in much detail - actually there was little detail in them.

This time I decided to share a lot more of what happened in 2018. Even though I wanted to be completely transparent and honest, I was hesitant to do so.

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Scammed by a "Ghostwriter"

Are you thinking of outsourcing the writing of ebooks or stories (or anything for that matter)?

If you are, please read this before you proceed.

Very brief background...

I've used Fiverr a number of times, with good results. However, this was the first time I used Fiverr for written content.

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Book Design Services

You can choose from having everything done, or you can just have it formatted; maybe you just want to make sure it's done right, and get a review. Whatever you need, please check out my directory of services...

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How to get the most from the power of motivational quotes

We love motivational quotes.

Reading them. Collecting them. Sharing them.

How can we use them to our benefit - to make things better for ourselves?

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Africa Wild (poem)

Home of the leopard
the elephant, the buffalo
the lion and the rhino -
The big five they're called.

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What is it REALLY Worth?

Do you, or have you asked yourself that question?...

Sometimes I've sat and thought about work and life, and I've wondered what it's all really about.

If you've had similar thoughts, this article may be just the thing for you.

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Africa Wild (short story)

Ray Travers sat back at the large oak desk, and gazed around his plush office. He was tired.

Ray's gaze stopped at a painting on the wall. It was a gift he was given by an old friend, Bull, as a farewell gift when he left his home town. He recalled the life spent in that small country town; pleasant times. The many hours he spent talking to his good friend, and the tales he was told about hunting in the Africa of old.

Memories flowed back more than ten years; he remembered how he enjoyed hearing about the wonderful hunting escapades. And how he wished he could have shared those times.

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The Ultimate Self-Publishing Checklist

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