How to Format Your Book in Word

How To Format Your Book In Word 2nd Edition
How To Format Your Book In Word 2nd Edition

Your days of wanting to pull your hair out with frustration are over! No need to stress and strain with formatting your book in Word, and self-publishing it online

You now have available all the steps and techniques to format your Kindle ebook, your Smashwords ebook, and your paper book – all in one convenient package

How to Format Your Book in Word offers you everything you need to format your book professionally, step-by-step. PLUS, you have all the steps to upload your book to the three big online publishers: Kindle Direct Publishing, Smashwords, and KDP Print.

Imagine the time you’ll save. Time to spend writing your next book. Or time to invest in promoting your book.

As an aspiring self-publisher you will be able to format professional-looking books and ebooks easier and faster even if you have NEVER formatted a book in your life.

Word can be a monster


Word has hundreds of tools and features. I know what it’s like trying to remember where what feature in Word is. It’s enough to want to throw the computer out of the window!

And in addition, there are so many rules and methods in formatting a book, or ebook. I know how precious time is, and to spend hours (or days) trying to get something right is frustrating, to put it mildly.

I’ve been working with Word since 1993, every single day of my life. I know, I’m slightly weird in that way. As a technical writer I created manuals, training guides, books, reports, etc. For a period of six years, I also offered a book design service, and designed over 100 books.

I wrote How to Format Your Book in Word to enable aspiring (and experienced) self-publishers and independent authors to create professional-looking books and ebooks with ease. But only formatting a book wasn’t enough, and that’s why I also included the steps to upload your book to:

“This book is a goldmine for anyone trying to learn how to format their own books. It’s filled with step-by-step instructions, pictures, and a hyper-detailed process for designing professional looking books. Use it to save countless hours of frustration and hair-pulling.”

Derek Murphy
Derek Murphy


Time is the most valuable resource we have

You can waste countless hours (maybe days) in struggling to get your book right. And then you submit it to Kindle, Smashwords, KDP Print, and they reject it. Urggghh! Then it’s back to the drawing board, and more struggling.

How to Format Your Book in Word covers every detail you need to format your book correctly. There is no guessing on your part… it’s all included here.

No more blood, sweat and tears wrestling with Word to get your book formatted.

Just one example: You won’t run into glitches with justified text, like this…

Glitch with justified text

Glitch with justified text
Glitch with justified text

Your text will be properly spaced…

Properly spaced
Properly spaced

The alternative is to hire a book designer (or formatter), and that can cost a packet.

What you will learn

These are some of the formatting elements you will learn in How to Format Your Book in Word

PLUS a lot more.

You will have a correctly formatted book file that you can upload with confidence… and there will be no rejection e-mail. Aaaah.

Within hours your ebook will be available for sale. Paper books take a few days. Great feeling!

What’s covered in the book?

Some of what you’ll learn in the book…

Chapter 1 Book Formatting Basics

Chapter 2 Format Your Kindle Ebook

Chapter 3 Format Your Smashwords Ebook

Chapter 4 Designing Your Hard Copy Book

Chapter 5 Uploading and Publishing Your Book Online

“I was so pleased when Colin asked me to write the Foreword for this book, because it’s high time someone took you step-by-step through this process, to simplify something that might otherwise be unnecessarily overcomplicated. Now, you have in your hands something more than a book – it’s actually more like a course on formatting and designing your book.”

Penny C. Sansevieri
CEO and Founder, Author Marketing Experts, Inc.
Adjunct Professor, NYU
Penny C. Sansevieri


Your book can go from this…

Book Design Before
Book Design Before

To this…

Book Design After
Book Design After

Who is Colin Dunbar?

Colin Dunbar is an expert technical writer with 38+ years’ experience, as well as an indie author with five self-published books to his name, and more to come. After following the regular career path, he started his own corporation and ran it for five years, after which he decided to sell.

In 2004 Colin self-published his book, Invest In Yourself, and soon after he started an online business, running his website and self-publishing his second book, Get What You Want.

As he gained experience, in 2007 he accepted a virtual contractor position with SiteSell, Inc. (Canadian based company). His responsibilities in this position included the writing of material for use on SiteSell’s sites, as well as in their online publications. He was also responsible for proofreading and doing online research.

For the years 2007 to 2014, Colin offered an e-cover design service (designing a total of over 200 e-covers). From 2009 to 2014, he also offered a book design service (which included copyediting, proofreading, etc.), completing over 100 book and ebook designs.

In 2011, he launched a self-publishing website, and in 2014, due to time constraints, closed it down to focus all his attention on writing his series of books.

“By providing detailed, specific instructions and screenshots that eliminate questions and confusion, Colin Dunbar has given self-publishing authors the definitive guide to preparing their Word manuscript for publication. I’m recommending this book to any author who says ‘How do I …?’ for any aspect of file preparation and uploading. This book is a gem.”

Sandra Beckwith
Book marketing instructor and coach,