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Blank Page to Finished Book: The Ultimate Success System to Write a Book

Writing is a creative discipline so why use a system to write a book?

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!

Benjamin Franklin

Allow me to share an example…

Think of your typical day, from getting up in the morning, making dinner, paying accounts, getting to and from work, kids to school, etc.

Most of us have our own routines to make things run smoothy and according to plan, without it what happens?

It’s usually a disaster right?

You want to write a book or maybe you’ve already made a start. But you are not making progress, or you don’t know what to do next.

How do you make progress and actually get your book written?

You use a proven system

In Blank Page to Finished Book: The Ultimate Success System to Write a Book, you will…

  • Learn the secrets to building rock-solid mental stamina, equipping you with powerful internal mental strength to deal with hurdles that usually occur when writing a book
  • Understand the power that’s hidden in your subconscious, and how to strengthen this to enable you become an efficient and effective writer
  • Discover practical techniques to equip your subconscious mind with unshakeable confidence to catapult yourself forward
  • Discover techniques to visualize your goals and build on every success, all the way to the successful conclusion of your dream: writing your own book
  • Learn the awesome value in simple techniques to enable you to set realistic goals, and progress to success
  • Uncover the techniques to plan your writing project, from idea to published book
  • Never experience “writer’s block” again through practical preparation and planning
  • Be amazed at how easy it becomes for you to take action, after following the simple steps and methods in this system
  • Obstacles become simple solvable problems through practical techniques, allowing you to keep going and progress to your goal
  • Learn how this system helps you develop tenacity

Following the simple techniques and methods will result in terrific, tremendous, thunderous, tumultuous, SUCCESS!

The Goal Setting System that Works!

Blank Page to Finished Book: The Ultimate Success System to Write a Book is the result of 40 years in technical writing, plus a couple of dozen years’ experience self-publishing and freelance writing. I have adapted and fine-tuned the system that I have used for many years, and shared with colleagues and friends.

Writing a book is not easy, but it can be easier when you use a system that helps you every step of the way.

Colin Dunbar

I'm just a regular guy who thinks, writes and learns a bucket load of things. I've always enjoyed sharing what I learn and experience with others, and I hope you find something of value here in my ramblings. Please do sign up for my newsletter and be advised whenever something new is published here (not on a regular basis, and I guarantee ZERO SPAM!)

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