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Colin Dunbar's Biography

Thank you for visiting this page. Here you're going to learn a little about me, and what you can expect from me at this site.

After a very short stint as a counter salesman, I began my career in technical writing. Today, it's 35+ years later - having gone through all the phases on the career path: trainee, senior, management, contractor, and then entrepreneur.

Colin Dunbar in his study

Technical writing became my life, and I became engrossed in the industry from reading, studying and researching about everything that is technical writing. As result of that and my logical character, I grew to love non-fiction. Throughout my career I was either publishing, or was involved in publishing manuals, reports, and books (although these were in a corporate environment).

In the early nineties I tried my hand at publishing my first book (the traditional route); this was not successful, but it was a tremendous learning experience. In 2004 I self-published my first book (Invest In Yourself), and also my first ebook (Get What You Want), which I sold through my site.

For the years 2007 to 2014 I offered an e-cover design service, and a book design service for authors who wanted to, like me, self-publish their own works through CreateSpace, Kindle, etc.

In 2013, as a way of paying it forward, I started - a blogged book where I show any aspiring indie author how to professionally format their book and ebook using MS Word.

Starting 2015 I decided to make self-publishing my only priority and set aside my other services for the time being, and to share my experience, and my journey, in the self-publishing industry, using the many tools available on the web today.

I look forward to having you here, and I hope you will find my site useful and learn a thing or two. You can also follow me on my self-publishing journal which I will use to document my own personal publishing works.

If you would like to know more about me, you can read the longer bio here.

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