Chicken Soup for the Soul – Living Your Dreams [book review]

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This was my first Chicken Soup for the Soul book I read, and I can honestly say it was a remarkable edition. The stories are inspiring, encouraging and powerful.

Chapter 1 (How to Live Your Dream) offers “ten strategies that you will need to employ to successfully live your dreams.” These 10 “strategies” offer practical advice to succeed in whatever you do.

Some of these strategies are, Decide What You Want, Visualize and Affirm Your Desired Outcomes, and Respond to Feedback.

You will find thought-provoking material in this book, one of the paragraphs I especially liked on page 5: “As we all have seen many times over, the outer symbols of success can easily be lost. Houses burn down, companies go bankrupt, relationships end in divorce, cars get old, clothes go out of style, bodies age and fame wanes, but who you are, what you have learned and the new skills you have developed never go away. These are the true prizes of achieving success.” How true.

There is such a wide range of stories, it is almost a certainty that every reader will identify with at least one account: sports, relationships, business, education – they’re all there.

Living Your Dreams is just that – it’s stories told of people who followed their dream to success, sometimes against all odds.

I like how the book closes with a listing of the contributors, and some also have websites where you can read up more about the contributor. I can recommend this book with confidence, and can comfortably say you will enjoy it.

10th Anniversary Special Edition
By Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen
Published by Health Communications, Florida
ISBN 0-7573-0117-7
Soft cover, 371 pages

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