Africa Wild (Poem)

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Home of the leopard
the elephant, the buffalo
the lion and the rhino –
The big five they’re called.

Ferocious, wild – and untamed
they roam the plains and grasslands
of this continent known as Africa.

Secretive, shy and unsociable
this is the leopard.
Enormous in size
gentle in character, yet
the elephant is not to be
tampered with.

A mass of thundering hooves
the buffalo moves across
the grassland – a mass in motion
not to be halted by man or machine
the herd is on the move.

King of the beasts – the lion is –
majestic, powerful and brave.
This cat stalks its prey
and with agility brings it down.

Some call him an armoured vehicle –
short-sighted, yet a keen
sense of smell, the rhino has.

These are what make Africa
the place it is.

Colin Dunbar

I'm just a regular guy who thinks, writes and learns a bucket load of things. I've always enjoyed sharing what I learn and experience with others, and I hope you find something of value here in my ramblings. Please do sign up for my newsletter and be advised whenever something new is published here (not on a regular basis, and I guarantee ZERO SPAM!)

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