Colin Dunbar

"With passion, patience, and persistence, anything is possible."

Magaliesberg Canopy Tour

On route to first platform

On the way to the first platform. Our guide, Richard, gave us interesting (and sometimes humorus) information about the plants in the area.

Bronson on a slide

Heeee ha - Bronson on his first slide!

Colin on a slide

Colin doing his thing on one of the slides at Magaliesberg Canopy Tour.

Bronson on another slide

Heeee haaa...

Colin just arrived after a slide

Colin at the end of a slide.

Safety guide, Jeffrey, having fun

Our group's safety guide, Jeffrey, having fun on the slide.

Halfway stop

Midway stop, after the first 5 slides.

One of the fast slides

One of the very fast slides.

Our group back at base

Our group back at base, after completeing the Magaliesberg Canopy Tour.

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