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Get Your Bad Self Published

Book Review By Colin Dunbar

If you want an honest and realistic insight into the world of traditional publishing, get yourself a copy of Get Your Bad Self Published.

I must be honest, when I read the title, I wasn't sure if it was a book about self publishing or publishing (temporary lack of concentration on my part).

Get Your Bad Self Published is honest and realistic, and nowhere does Larry Brooks even hint at getting published as being easy. It must be understood, that although an honest insight into the publishing world, Brooks does share practical advice on how an author can better equip him/herself on getting published.

Apart from an insight into the world of publishing, Brooks offers some writing pearls for the aspiring novelist, e.g. "What qualifies as a killer idea or concept", and "How to learn how to write a great story".

Although this is not a how-to book, you will learn valuable lessons if you want to be a published author of fiction (novels to be more specific). And if you have had your manuscript rejected, Get Your Bad Self Published can prove invaluable.

One downside of this book for me is that Larry covers the world of publishing fiction - understandable, as he is a successful novelist.

Larry Brooks has published 6 novels, has written a variety of ebooks on many aspects of the writing craft. His book Story Engineering: Mastering The Six Core Competencies of Successful Writing is available from Writers Digest Books.

I would rate Get Your Bad Self Published 4 stars.

You can catch Larry's blog here:

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