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Ebook Cover Design Services


Professional and good-looking e-covers can certainly make a difference on a sales page

You've spent a lot of time on your e-product, and now you're ready to release it to the world. Don't jeopardize your chances with a poor quality e-cover.

It's a proven fact that we are generally more visual - we respond better to products that are visually appealing. Unattractive visuals almost certainly do not attract us, and text only doesn't have an impact.

You could buy your own e-cover software, but before you do this, consider the following...

What's your budget and time constraints?

Yes, there are cheap e-cover software programs available, but please first check what the finished product looks like. In my experience, the finished e-cover is blurry, no individual design elements - essentially they look horrible.

With the more expensive e-cover programs you should consider your time available to learn and practice to get your e-cover looking right. This can be very time consuming.

Spending the time on learning/practicing new software will eat up time you can be using to build your business, or producing your next e-product.

And if you buy your own e-cover software, how often will you use it? Will it turn into a dead liability?

Your other options

You can save yourself time and frustration, and get a professional e-cover - and your focus is not taken away from building your business.

You've spent hours writing/creating your e-book, or software, so why would you jeopardize it with a poor quality e-cover - that could drastically affect your sales!

You supply me with the basic elements of your e-product, and then you continue to go about your business - no hassles, stress, or frustration.

The things I need from you:

  • Your title (or product name).
  • Author name and byline (if required).
  • Graphic images (if you have specific images you want to use, or I'll source these).
  • Font and color preferences (or you can leave this to me).

And that's it. Then I go to work on your e-cover...

Quick and professional service

You will receive your first draft within 48 hours of placing your order.

The only exception is if you have special requirements, for example, if I need to find scarce graphic images. Should this occur, I will communicate regularly with you and keep you updated with the progress - I may also offer alternatives.

After you have checked your first draft e-cover, you either approve it, or you let me know what you want changed. Changes are made speedily, and I send you your final image to use on your site.

All e-covers are the same low price of $52.00

Payment is made via the secure Clickbank servers. After processing your payment, you will immediately be taken to the order page where you supply your e-cover details.

If you have any questions, please contact me via my contact form.

I wish you only the best with your e-product sales.

Colin Dunbar

The Procedure

  1. You place your order at PayPal.
  2. After payment, the E-cover Order Form displays, where you fill in your e-cover details.
  3. As soon as I receive the completed order form, I send you an acknowledgement e-mail (if you have graphic images for your e-cover, you can then mail them to me).
  4. We create 2 drafts, and submit these to you asap (usually within 48 hours - a little longer if we have to find graphic images for you).
  5. You choose a draft, or let us know what changes you would like.
  6. We create your final e-cover image, and supply you 2 images (one has a width of 340 pixels, and one has a width of 175 pixels (height varies)) in JPG format.



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